Orange Sapphire & Garnet Alignment Pendant


This necklace is from the astronomical collection ‘Orb’ and features deep red cabochon garnets, fiery orange sapphires and circular white diamond detail. The necklace is created in richly coloured 18ct yellow gold, the surface of the metal has a deep texture giving it a velvet-like quality that shimmers in the light. Inspired by celestial bodies, their movements, and the mechanisms made to track them ‘Orb’ is a collection of mesmerising concentric designs. The use of semi-spherical stones is reminiscent of planetary shapes, and the circular patterns like their orbits.

Designed by British design duo Shimell and Madden. They occupy that space where craft, art and fashion intersect. High quality and handcrafted, their jewellery explores themes of science, nature and time. They have been creating jewellery since 2010. Emma Madden’s expertise is in craft and conceptual design, inspired by the universality of mathematics. Luke Shimell’s extensive experience as a goldsmith enables him to develop their designs into intricate pieces of exactitude. Although the conception and execution of each piece demands a meticulous eye for detail their design process is quite experimental. Each idea is formed from constructing three-dimensional metal models, exploiting both material and method. This labour intensive process allows them to work through complex structuring, joining and finishing techniques.

Together they have a great wealth of knowledge in jewellery production, from traditional mounting work to craft based art pieces and fashion accessories. This experience has enabled Shimell and Madden to skillfully create collections that range from delicate precious jewellery to large scale sculptural pieces. The breadth of their work generates a wide brand appeal from the design conscious young creative to the mature collector of fine gold jewellery. Enduring and universal, minimal and structural their collections are always distinctive and original in their graphic geometric style.


Metal: Heavily textured 18ct yellow gold
Stones: 10mm Garnet Cabochon, Round faceted orange sapphires
Total Carat: 0.23ct of pavé set white diamonds.


Height: 48.4mm
Width 27.5mm,
Depth 8.4mm
Length 45cm

If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces and seeing it in person please call or email the gallery to book an appointment.
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