Gold and Diamond Cuff


This gold cuff is entirely hand crafted through hours of meticulous hand weaving. There are close to 200 metres of fine 18 carat yellow gold thread used in this creation. Surrounding the edges of this textured cuff are a row of champagne diamonds. The champagne colour diamonds are sewn into the finished cuff at the very last stage. The whole process is done completely by hand using sewing needles to thread the wire through the structure of the cuff. This technique was developed by designer Nina Bukvic at the early stages of her career and she has been using and evolving it through her unique designs ever since. In her work she brings together her love of textile methods in metal work through her self developed and unique techniques which have become her signature style and make her jewellery instantly recognisable. She uses the finest gold wires and chains which she hand weaves, melts and fuses together with a beautifully cut and naturally coloured diamond.


Metal: 18ct yellow gold
Stones: Champagne diamonds 0.15ct-0.20ct


Cuff height: 40mm
Cuff Diameter: Tapers from 70mm x 65mm

If you are interested in purchasing this cuff or any of the other items of jewellery please call or email the gallery to book an appointment to see it in person.
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