Grey Diamond Ring by Polly Wales


This beautiful diamond ring is a modern classic. It is handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold and features a large central salt and pepper pear shaped rose cut diamond (9.7mm x 11.3mm approx) with natural unique inclusions that give the stone its unmistakable sparkle. Either side of the central stone are 4 baguette cut diamonds held in place by gold granules that transition into the granulation detail on the band itself.

Designed exclusively for COLLECTIBLE by tomfoolery, this one-of-a-kind ring features beautiful natural stones set and we would recommend it as a dress engagement or occasional ring.

Designer Polly Wales is the creative and founding director behind her brand of fine handcrafted jewellery that does not seek to sell us false dreams of glossy, magazine ready perfection. Rather it offers an honest, imperfect beauty that is natural and attainable- a beauty that will continue to change and evolve over a lifetime and beyond. The process behind the backbone of her work is to cast an array of gemstones inside precious metal, to create pieces that always have unique and slightly unpredictable outcomes with a rough luxe, from the earth, aesthetic-like geodes split open as stones break through at random points to penetrate the surface of the gold. The collections she has gone onto develop are drawn from an eclectic mix of references from Byzantine and Indian jewellery through to trends in high fashion but she maintains, “It is the women who wear my jewellery who play a major role in how the ranges have evolved. Seeing how women wear it and live in it is really inspirational to me.”


18ct yellow gold
Salt and pepper diamond
Clear white diamonds


Ring size: K middle
Central diamond: 9.7mm x 11.3mm approx
Eight baguette cut diamonds
Band width: 4.8 – 2mm

If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces and seeing it in person please call or email the gallery to book an appointment.
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